What can IMS Barter do for my hotel?
Our experienced Travel Department will market your hotel to over 23,000 IMS cardholders in 22 states in the US and Canada as well as to our reciprocal barter partners throughout the world. IMS will facilitate your bookings while honoring blackouts and high seasons. Payment is received right away upon confirmation, and reservations are non-refundable based on your discretion. Your hotel will also be listed on the IMS website.

Why should I trade?

1. Increase Sales & Occupancy reaching beyond your local guests - IMS delivers new business and new customers.

2. Conserve Cash - Trading your unused or unsold inventory brings in revenue which can be used to reduce your cash expenditures and improves your bottom line.

3. Fill Empty Rooms - You can fill your empty rooms with new IMS customers without discounting.

4. Improved Purchasing Power - When you trade, you are using your products and services to buy items you need. It’s like buying everything at your wholesale cost.

5. Increased Market Share - IMS gives you an edge over the competition by bringing you new customers who may not have heard of you except for their membership through IMS.

6. New Cash Sales From Referrals - When IMS clients refer you to their family, friends, and business associates your cash sales increase by word of mouth advertising.

7. Pre-qualified Referrals - As an extension of your sales staff, IMS sends you clients that are most likely to buy.

8. Trade Lines of Credit - Buy what you need, when you need it and pay for it with your future trade sales.

What are the advantages of belonging to the IMS Barter Network?
You get the business simply because you are part of the network. IMS can help book last minute room nights, by reaching thousands of engaged buyers at one time. We help to get rid of those empty weekend nights in the off seasons.

What are the disadvantages of a direct trade?
Direct trades are great as long as every party involved honors the deal. Changes in management, shoddy record-keeping, and unforeseen circumstances can cause a direct trade deal go south in a hurry. Trading through IMS Barter insures your trade credits will still be your trade credits even long after the room has been used.

What is the role of the IMS broker?
Each account is assigned a buying and selling agent, called a broker. They help to generate sales as well as keeping you updated on spending options. A broker acts as an extension of your staff, eliminating the need to keep track of direct trades or track down items.

What are Media Buying Plans?
Media Specialists are available to help place media buys for specialty publications, newspapers, radio, television, direct mail and internet marketing. Local, regional, and national media are all available to you. Using your new found revenue to pay for advertising turns it into cash-paying customers.

Will I need to discount the price of my hotel rooms?
Most discount sites sell a $200 room at 40% off, reducing the price to $120, then takes a 50% commission, leaving a total of $60 to the inn. Trading through IMS Barter ensures you receive the full value of your room, every time. Tax, tips, and incidentals are still paid in cash.

Who handles the accounting when I sell and buy?
IMS handles the accounting for you. You will receive a monthly statement, as well as have access to your transaction history and account details through IMS’ secure website twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Additionally, if you are doing business in the U.S., IMS will send you the forms you need to file your year-end taxes.

How do I sign up?
You can go to https://www.imsbarter.com/account/apply to get your complimentary account today. Please contact the office nearest your for additional questions or for help with the application process.

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